Tuesday, April 26, 2011

i'm a terrible journal writer, but this line of journals seems like something i could actually do. all you have to do is write a one line memory, quote, or whatever, per day for five years. i can do that!

there is a standard one, but also one made specifically for mom's, and i think it's adorable.


lindsay ross said...

I love this! great find.

olivia said...

hey there—i'm sure you've forgotten, but i think we once met in the house of jon + amber t for maybe a group date? (i can't remember myself. but i knew davis a bit before my mission, and the surname is hard to forget!)

i also can't remember how i stumbled here, and i'm so embarrassed, but i just wanted to say hello because i took a quick scroll down your blog and saw some things i relate to and connections like that are the cool things about blogs:

1: i have this journal! it was the only thing i wanted for christmas last year. i got the normal one but i prob should have gotten this baby one because we had a baby in jan and let's face it, i write mostly about him. bad news tho: i AM traditionally an avid journal writer, but not quite since school, so i thought i could keep this up, but alas, i get weeks and weeks behind even STILL! :(

2: love that you got the ashmae provo temple painting. ashley is great. so is the provo temple. so is growing up in provo. maybe we went to opposite high schools or are not the same age, but i grew up in provo too, so it's a shame i don't know you for real.

anyway, i hope you don't think i'm creepy, but that's a risk i'm just gonna have to take.